Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun at CBS

It's been about three weeks since I officially became an MBA student. So much has happened over these past few weeks that it's difficult to not feel overwhelmed. Also, the amount of fun I've had is unbelievable. Orientation was a blast.  Our peer advisors (a bunch of 2nd year students who have been selected to lead the new class through the orientation and beyond) created such an energetic atmosphere that the entire Uris (the CBS building) was celebrating for the whole week. Honestly, the day after then orientation I almost felt sad and lonely entering Uris, with no one there waiting eagerly to welcome me with pom poms and high fives.

Classes took prominence in the coming week and our professors didn't waste anytime to impress upon how much work is ahead of us. Soon I found myself spending long hours at Watson (our library). That said, we still had fun! Our first official CBS happy hour was coming up and each cluster's pride was hanging on the balance.

Thursday Happy Hour is one of the school’s most cherished traditions.  Once a week students come to together for socializing and fun, nothing else – these Happy Hours allow everyone to take a break from the stress of academics and recruiting.  Happy Hour is a privilege for Columbia Business School.  No other school at Columbia University has anything like it (we’re the social envy of the other graduate schools).  And no other business school in the world has committed as much time, effort and capital to any of their social events (I heard CBS spends close to $10,000 per happy hour!)

For the first happy hour, each cluster had to come up with its own official cluster song/dance, cheer, tee shirt and beer stein. As expected, we all try to outdo each other and we all believe ours is the best. Without further adieu, let me introduce my cluster's awesome tee design.  

As you must have guessed by now, I'm lovin' it!