Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 1

The international orientation started with the campus tour. Even though I have been living in NYC for many years and I got the admission to CBS almost a year ago, I had never done the tour. Who knew the 2nd biggest stand alone statue was in our campus (first being the statue of liberty)! We also have one of the very few copies made by the original architect of the Thinking man statue. The best part was to learn that one of our architecture professors had protested against the design of the CBS building suggesting it was ugly. After spending 1.5 years in the Wean Hall at Carnegie Mellon, I actually don't mind the Uris Hall at all. If you haven't seen Wean Hall, you haven't seen ugly. Someone said if we go to the top of Uris hall and look down the statue in front of it resembles a $. All in all, a fun tour.

After the lunch in Uris deli, and the welcome remarks we had a three hour lecture on Developing Cultural Competence for the Global Workplace  with Craig Storti. Craig captured our attention right away with his great sense of humor. The lecture was very interactive, he made us take a lot of surveys and analyzed the answers in a very entertaining manner. The best part was his short stories on living in different parts of the world. One interesting story he told us was about how Muslims would say Inshah Allah (God willing) when they talk about things they intend to do in future. He said that in Morroco, some people would translate this Arabic word and say "Perhaps" instead of "God willing" when they speak in English. So when he was there, he invited a couple for dinner and they kept responding - We will come, perhaps. He assumed they were not fully sure about it while all they meant to say was We will come, god willing. Paraphrasing the story makes it less interesting, but trust me he is super good at this :)

In the evening we headed to a nearby restaurant for happy hour (Havana Central). CBS did a good job with this event. I got plenty of time to interact with the rest of the international gang (~120). Looking forward to tomorrow!  


  1. I like the way you tell the story.
    Good luck with your journey!

  2. @Confidante- Thank you. You've a very interesting venture, good luck with it!