Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pre-MBA exams

So Columbia requires us to pass some exams on Finance, Accounting, Math etc before August. In June, they gave us access to some online tutorials through HBS courseware.

The accounting tutorial was pretty good. It explained concepts well but I kind of became tired by the time I reached Cash Flow statements and also the tutorial for that part didn't really help much. It took me about 10 days to go through it without putting more than 1-2 hours at a stretch.

The exam itself was some work (I printed the pdf and solved offline), I had to go back to the concepts to solve the problems. I could solve most of them except 1-2 cash flow stuff.

Finance tutorial started out nicely but by the time it started talking about projected fin. statements, I wanted to kill myself. I couldn't understand much nor the example problems in the tutorial really explain how it got those answers, ugh.

So I left it there and decided to take the exam. Luckily the exam was a breeze, it mostly focused on concepts instead of tough problems like accounting. I think I am not sure about may be 2-3 questions maximum.

Vocabulary- that's kind of a joke. The pdf tutorial has all the answers if you don't know something :)

Math- Embarrased to say this, I thought I would be solving everything in a jiffy considering my background. Long story short, I still havent solved about 5 problems.

After all this there is still some reading, some excel tutorial, some essay to write etc...


  1. You need to work harder bro :-).

  2. i agree, i need to get used to that concept again ;)

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