Thursday, May 13, 2010

LBS Visit

My wife and I spent three nights in London last week. It was a very hectic trip but was well worth it. I visited  LBS twice, on friday I met my friend at the Windsor pub and on saturday I attended a 3 hour class from 8am!
Some observations-
1. The class I attended was super good. It was an advanced strategy course - Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances by Prof. Phaneesh Puranam. This was the first class for the course so he started with a strategy refresher/pop quiz. I thoroughly enjoyed his way of teaching and didn't find it difficult to concentrate even with my jetlag. Kudos!(I even knew some of the answers of the pop quiz, thanks to reading Competition Demystified by CBS professors heh)
2. LBS campus is tiny, I always sulk about never being able to study in huge university. Carnegie Mellon is small, my undergraduate college is even smaller and Columbia too is about same size. But if I look at LBS, all these places feels jumbo size! To be honest, I didn't feel the university setting, it felt like some corporate training center (may be if I spend more time there I'd change my opinion).
3. The course I attended was an elective so it had regular full time people, executive MBA, some other management programs like Sloan etc. Now this may be considered a plus and/or a minus.
4. London is very similar to NYC, I had no problem finding my way using the subway, I mean the tube. The ticketing system is kind of complex and I'm yet to figure that out. And I got a chance to witness the crappy weather, it's supposed to be summer but it was raining and cold (4-8 degrees celsius).
I also visited Canary Wharf which is like the Wall Street of London. That place is a beauty and it felt great walking around the area.

In terms of academics I liked LBS but in terms of soft/intangibles...I would need more time to make up my mind. Although one thing is sure, I will either apply for campus exchange to LBS if I attend CBS or try to intern in London over the summer (@ Canary Wharf :) ). I liked the city, and would like to spend some time there and travel around Europe.

Before leaving London, we drove to Oxford. Now, that was a class act. What a beautiful town, we had a great time walking around 4-5 hours taking tons of pictures of the majestic buildings. Weather was good and we saw many music troupes in the lanes and enjoyed the student life setting. Now if only LBS was at Oxford ;)

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